About Us

HELPS Counsellors which is based in the London Borough of Bexley, England, is for everyone aspiring to have an enjoyable love life whether single, married, widowed, separated or divorced.

We believe that a stable family network equates to better environment for every component to grow, and will reduce criminality amongst youths. We therefore promote and support family wellbeing especially among black minority ethnic (BME) community.

Our programmes are developed by exploring biblical teachings and principles with the goals of family wellbeing promotion, safety of children and young people, and promotion of sound mental health of the community. Helps Counsellors welcomes all to its activities despite being a faith based (Christian) Charity.

We hope you will be enlightened and freed from wrongly pre-conceived opinions and fallacies as we collectively explore culturally sensitive issues of family wellbeing and wellness together.

The aims of Helps Counsellors are:

  • To educate our target groups through seminars, workshops, retreats, face-to-face/online interaction and literatures about the benefits of secure couple relationships and positive parenting, and the adverse effects of harmful cultural and religious practices (like Female Genital Mutilation); with a view to improving family wellbeing and wellness.
  • To provide counselling/conciliatory support for couples who may be experiencing challenges in their relationships, and educate them on the consequences of domestic violence and all forms of abuse.
  • To educate everyone in matters of sex and sexual health so they could develop responsible sexual behaviour.
  • To support young people through leisure activities to develop their capabilities and become responsible individuals.
  • To promote mental wellbeing through health education and healthy-lifestyle promotion programmes including recreation/physical activities, and to relieve mental and physical sickness through counselling and poverty alleviation programmes.