Is Sexual Enjoyment Godly?

Posted By Pastor Bayo on Jul 4, 2016 |

Sex/sexual enjoyment matters are rarely talked about where it ought to be nicely discussed. Friend, as someone who possibly attends Church meetings on a regular basis; let’s assume you got to the major Church service on a Sunday or any day you hold the service; and the preacher announced that the topic to be discussed will centre on “enjoying sex”. What will your immediate reaction be? What will be the things that will be going through your mind regarding such preacher?


In writing the Foreword to our Book (Enjoy…Sex); our mentor, Pastor E.A. Adeboye wrote: “Sex is one of the most intriguing and mysterious human activities and one of the most important.” Sex is a subject matter that has relevance to every human being irrespective of marital status, yet, in our opinion, it is not being giving the attention it deserves among “Godly” people. Could it be that sexual enjoyment and sex related issues are ungodly?


In almost three decades of talking about and handling love/family life related issues, we have come to realise that many people do not have the right attitude/perspective of the issue of sex. A lot of people who even claimed to know much about sex are most of the times carrying distorted or perverted view about it. Our mentor (Pastor E.A. Adeboye) writes further: …sex is abused and trivialized by a large segment of the human race. The net result is that most sexually active people are either prudes or perverts”.


In this series, we will be discussing sex matter because it really matters. Our goal is to be able to see if there is any relationship between godliness and sexual enjoyment. We hope that with all of you good people there, we should be able to find answers to questions like: Is sexual enjoyment Godly? How can one have godly sex?


In the meantime, as we continue in this series, kindly feel free to send in your comments, questions, suggestions, or views at any point.


Thanks for reading. Part 2 of the series will follow soon. Stay connected!