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Book an appointment for an online helping interaction based on Biblical principles and truths about love, relationship and day-to-day existence. You may wish to visit us on the UK Charity Commission website – <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> – to learn more about our activities. <strong>Registered Charity No. 1140793</strong>.

The duration of each session is 50 minutes and possible number of sessions will be agreed during the first meeting. Bookings are to be made with a minimum non-refundable donation of <strong>£17.50</strong> for an individual and <strong>£25.50</strong> for a couple per session.

Please note that sessions hold on <strong>Mondays, Tuesdays &amp; Wednesdays</strong> 12noon – 6:00pm. Kindly leave a minimum of 48 hours interval between your booking and the slot you will pick. To see us on a Monday, please make your booking latest by a Thursday.

To proceed, please choose an available counselling slot from the calendar below.