Posted By Pastor Bayo on Aug 18, 2015 |

Marriage; Start Right and Stay Blessed

First published in 1998, this book is out to enable the readers enjoy the blessings of marriage. It also shows the way to making right choice of partner in marriage. Like a good mentor that Bayo+Funmi say their Papa (as they love to call Pastor E.A. Adeboye) is, he put pen to paper on this book also. In the Preface to the book, Pastor E.A. Adeboye writes: “Blessings can come through marriage, through the wife; blessing can come to the husband. In addition, through the husband, blessings can come to the wife . . .”

Marriage: Start Right & Stay Blessed” will definitely answer many of the questions that have been bothering you about marriage. We highly recommend it to singles and couples alike.”